12 September 2010

Some of my artworks on Casa Matei Galley website

Check out the Casa Matei Gallery website here !

07 September 2010

Back to The Land of the Morning Calm

About 10 days ago I returned to South Korea, The Land of the Morning Calm.
After spending my last year in Romania for preparing my graduation, exhibitions and presentations it felt wonderful to walk again the streets of Seoul.
Before returning to Korea, I was wondering how did the capital change during the last year.
I was surprised to see significant changes, proving that Seoul is a dynamic, modern and constantly improving metropolis. 
If I look back over the last 10 days since my arrival, I notice how many things happened in such a short time.
Meeting good friends, adapting myself and arranging my new living environment, experiencing a typhoon that hit Seoul, visiting a formal royal palace in Suwon, visiting newly built sky-scraper city Songdo, climbing Namsan several times, visiting some areas of the city that I missed more, and of course, studying at top Korean University, Yonsei.^^    

I'm also posting a painting that I made on a rainy Sunday in Cluj, July 2010.
It's made with acrylics on canvas, and for the final effects I used nothing else than natural rain water.