01 December 2015

SeoulMate Style - online Korean fashion mall recommendation

Long time since my last post on this blog. Will try to write more often from now on.

As over the years Korea is getting more popular overseas thanks to dramas, K-pop, and Korean electronics, there are more foreigners interested in Korean pop culture, and of course, Korean fashion.

For those looking for Korean fashion and culture, I would like to recommend SeoulMate Style, one of the most original online fashion stores I've ever seen.

SeoulMate Style - Korean fashion from Seoul

SeoulMate Style, or briefly SMS, aims to combine fashion and culture, and instead of simply displaying apparel as other online stores do, SMS displays its products in the context of Seoul's most famous shopping areas, and their specific style.

Besides all this, SeoulMate Style has special categories dedicated for jewelries and other fashion items from K-pop and K-dramas! I guess these must be really popular with Korean pop culture enthusiasts.

Check out SeoulMate Style now, and enjoy Korean fashion!