03 December 2011

interesting article and photo contest

Lotte Giants fans in Seoul, Mokdong Baseball Stadium
Looking through the net a few days ago, I found myself mentioned in an article on the blog of the official website of S. Korea (www.korea.net).
Last summer I won a prize for a photo essay about Busan, and I was also included in an article about the competition.
You can find the entire article at this link.
You can find some  of the photos that I submitted for the competition at this link.

I copied the passage that is about me, you can read it here:

"Fabian Emanuel from Romania has become a true “Busan Sanai” (사나이, a man’s man) who worships the baseball team Lotte Giants with almost religious fervor. He took a photo of cheering at the baseball stadium and commented, “Eventually, if you want to understand the people of Busan, all you have to do is visit the stadium at least once to see the Lotte Giants. In the end, I have become an avid Lotte Giants fan as well.”