18 May 2011

Valentine's Day

Last week finally I managed to finish my new short novel, called Valentine's Day.
For now, it's about 50 pages long and it's written in Romanian.
Probably I will post some fragments from the novel after about one month, I still need some time to review it and make some necessary corrections.
Later I hope I will manage to make some English translated versions of what I'm writing recently, but probably I will need some help from a native English speaker.
As my recent writings try to exploit subjects related to Korean contemporary culture, the novel focuses once again on my female character Lee Seona, also the central figure of my previous work "Circles. Tiny Circles" [Cercuri. Cerculete - 2009].
The story tends to be a detailed approach toward the feminine psychology, while it explores the Korean celebrity culture and it's depressing impact upon the celebrity's daily life.
Briefly speaking, the novel unveils one day from Seona's daily life, and throughout a series of flashbacks it analyzes her dark intimate backgrounds.
Like her fake smile during her fashion photo shooting sessions is in contradiction with her distress, the context of Valentine's Day becomes a paradox while she is facing the huge risks of a public scandal based on her scandalous private life.

More info soon !

08 May 2011

The Stick of Love

Having fun with my piggy character. Just a sketch that I colored yesterday.